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  • ALO Fruit Snacks - Mandarin

    Naturally sweet, mandarins are a traditional Chinese symbol of abundance and good fortune view details buy now

  • ALO Fruit Snacks - Ginger

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  • ALO Fruit Snacks - Mango

    Tasty, sweet mangoes have been cultivated in South Asia for thousands of years view details buy now

Introducing: A very untypical snack

We’ve crafted the UNtypical snack for your UNtypical life. You crave doing things your way. We want to inspire you to embrace different.

So what’s UNtypical about ALO Snacks? It’s the world’s first aloe vera dried fruit. That’s pretty UNtypical. But that’s not all. The magic is in the flavors. UNtypical aloe vera dried fruit is paired with exotic flavors of Asia to create the perfect snack accompaniment for active and healthy lifestyles.

And – Stay tuned! Our flavor gurus are lovingly experimenting and fine-tuning new and exciting flavor combinations. ALO wants to make your snack break something UNtypically special.

The people who gave you ALO Drink, the ever-so-popular aloe vera based fruit drink, bring ALO Snacks to you. Now that we think of it, pairing your ALO Snacks with your favorite ALO Drink is a match made in ALO heaven. Now that’s UNtypical.

Made with organic aloe vera straight from the leaf!

  • Sourcing of Ingredients: Our aloe vera is grown on sustainable, organic farms. Organic farming is in harmony with nature.
  • Harvesting Ingredients: Farmers hand cut the aloe vera leaves first thing in the morning. The leaves are brought inside to be soaked and washed. All aloe vera is transported to our facility within 24 hours of being harvested
  • Processing of ingredients: Here’s how we get from farm to package: Leaves are hand filleted to remove the pulp from the outer skin. Pulp is washed thoroughly, cut into small pieces, and pasteurized

Discover Your Flavor at Learn about our award-winning line of aloe vera infused drinks.
There’s a perfect flavor for everyone.

  • ALO Exposed
  • ALO Allure
  • ALO Appeal
  • ALO Awaken
  • ALO Comfort
  • ALO Crisp
  • ALO Twist
  • ALO Spring
  • ALO Twist
  • ALO Zeal